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Mountain Holiday 4 Day Tour of Kamikochi, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Resort & Kanazawa


Our brand new route! Travel through one of the most beautiful natural treasures in the country, Kamikochi, where you’ll have two hours of free time to admire magnificent scenery which attracts many tourists. Travel along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route on this guided tour and see the breathtaking landscapes of surrounding mountains towering 3,000m (9,842ft.). The tour will take the Tateyama Ropeway to Daikanbo Station for the dynamic view seen from the observation deck atop the station. Then visit the cultural city of Kanazawa.


Tour Price Per person from Adult Child
(6-11 yrs)
 The day Before National Holiday Surcharge Single Room Extra Charge Triple Reduction
 Kuroyon Royal Hotel Hotel Kurobe   Hotel Nikko kanazawa
(standard floor)
One Way Trip Course (SUN4GL600O)
29/MAY/2016 – 13/JUL/2016  1,863  1,658  34 34  75  N/A 41
8-25/MAY/2016, 6,9/NOV/2016  1,911  1,705  34 34   75  N/A  41
4/SEP/2016-30/OCT/2016  1,945  1,740  34 34   75  N/A  41
20/JUL/2016-31/AUG/2016  1,986  1,781  34 34   75  N/A  41
Round Trip Course (SUN4GL600R)
29/MAY/2016 – 13/JUL/2016  2,000  1,740  34  34  75  N/A  41
8-25/MAY/2016, 6,9/NOV/2016  2,048  1,788 34   34  75  N/A  41
4/SEP/2016-30/OCT/2016  2,082  1,822  34  34  75  N/A  41
20/JUL/2016-31/AUG/2016  2,123  1,863  34  34  75  N/A  41

Departure: 2016
8MAY16 – 9NOV: Sun, Wed (Except 17JUL, 7,10,14AUG, 18SEP, 9OCT, 2NOV)(T
*The Day Before National Surcharge shall be applied if the staying date for each hotel is any of the following(The surcharge is applicable for each staying date at the hotel):17JUL,10AUG,18,21SEP,9OCT
2017: TBA


Cities Hotel
Omachi Onsen, Nagano Kuroyon Royal Hotel
Unazuki Onsen, Toyama Hotel Kurobe (Japanese room)
Kanazawaa Hotel Nikko Kanazawa



Departure from Tokyo
Day 1: Tokyo – Kamikochi – Omachi Onsen Omachi Onsen
  Tour departs from Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku and walk to Shinjuku Station and catch a train to Matsumoto Station. Catch a coach and visit Kamikochi where you will have two hours of free time to admire magnific scenery. Catch coach/trains to Shinano-Omachi Station and catch a taxi to hotel.
Arrive at Omachi Onsen between 19:40 and 20:20.
Overnight at Kuroyon Royal Hotel in Omachi Onsen.
Day 2: Omachi Onsen – Tateyama Kurobe – Unazuki Onsen Unazuki Onsen DINNER
  Depart by bus at 8:00 and experience the scale of the Japan’s biggest Kurobe Dam and the dynamic landscapes with abundant nature. Next ride a cable car to Kurobedaira and ride a aeriel cableway Daikanbo and enjoy the superb views. Catch a trolley bus to Murodo which is the highest point along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. for lunch break ride a cable car to Kurobe Lake. After own lunch, catch a coach/cable car/train to get Unazuki Onsen.
Arrive at Unazuki Onsen between 18:30 and 19:00.
Overnight at Hotel Kurobe in Unazuki Onsen (Japanese-style room).
Day 3: Unazuki Onsen – Kurobe Gorge – Kanazawa Kanazawa BREAKFAST

Depart Unazuki by Kurobe Gorge train and enjoy free time at Kanetsuri Station and back to Unazuki Station. Catch trains to Kanazawa.
Arrive at Kanazawa Station between 13:30 and 15:00.
Overnight at Hotel Nikko Kanazawa.

One Way Trip Course (SUN3GL600O)
Day 4: Kanazawa – Kyoto
  In the morning, visit Higashi-chaya District, Tentoku-in Temple, Nagamachi Samurai District, Kenrokuen Garden,

From Kanazawa Station board a train (limited-express Thunderbird) to Kyoto.
Arrive at Kyoto Station between 16:30 and 18:00.
Tour will disband upon arrival at Kyoto.
Round Trip Course (SUN3GL600R)
Day 4: Kanazawa – Tokyo

In the morning, visit Higashi-chaya District, Tentoku-in Temple, Nagamachi Samurai District, Kenrokuen Garden
The tour winds up by taking a Limited Express train to Nagoya and then catching a Shinkansen Bullet train to Tokyo.
Arrive at Tokyo Station between 17:00 and 18:30.

Tour will disband upon arrival at Tokyo.

BREAKFAST Breakfast included: LUNCH Lunch included : DINNER Dinner included:


English-speaking guide service included on days 1-4, except while on board bullet train & elimited express train. English assistance service included for arrival at Kanazawa on Day 3.


One Way Trip Course 
Included for up to one piece of baggage from Tokyo to Kanazawa on Day 1 (from Kanzawa to Kyoto, baggage servie is not included and transported in the same train with the participants). Light compact baggage is recommended for overnight stays in Omachi Onsen on Day 1 and Unazuki Onsen on Day 2. 

Round Trip Course
Included for up to one piece of baggage between Tokyo and Kanazawa. (For return, the baggage will arrive on the next day(day 5)). Light compact baggage is recommended for overnight stays in Omachi Onsen on Day 1 and Unazuki Onsen on Day 2. 


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