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Walking Tours

Pilgrimage to Japan’s spiritual roots KUMANO KODO WAKAYAMA

The beautiful Kumano region in the southern reaches of the Kii Peninsula is one of Japan’s oldest sacred sites and has been a pilgrimage mecca for centuries. It is blessed with verdant mountains, aweinspiring waterfalls, a rugged coastline, soothing hot springs, and rich traditional culture. For over 1000 years, the continuous footsteps of innumerable devoted pilgrims searching for healing and salvation at Kumano have forged pilgrimage routes called Kumano Kodo. Journey these historical World Heritage trails to Discover Japan’s spiritual roots.

The 88 Temples Pilgrimage in Shikoku

Believing that it is not the destinations but the journeys within which sustain us, we invite you to experience the warm hospitality and scenic natural beauty of Shikoku. A deeper and more traditionally authentic Japan where time slows, the stresses of everyday life slip away and your journey within begins.
Offering both luxury guided tours and more economical self guided tours(with orientation sessions and telephone support) we hope to make the wonder of Shikoku’s spiritual pilgrimages available to everyone.

IIYAMA – The Shin-etsu Trail

Situated in the far north of Nagano Prefecture, Iiyama is a city lost in time where untouched beauty surrounds ancient tradition. You will experience a unique and stunning walking trail called “The Shin-etsu Trail” which boarders Nagano and Niigata Prefectures. During spring, the last traces of snow and the new season’s blossoming creates a picturesque scene never to be forgotten. In the fall, hikers can walk and take in the beauty of the brilliant autumn colours. Escape the hustle, this walking tour is sure to relax the mind and free the spirit.