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Kyoto is rightly famous for being the home of traditional Japanese culture. With old style architecture and an abundance of Zen gardens, temples, shrines, ryokans and geisha. It can often feel like you have stepped back in time. There is so much to see and do here but you need to know where to look to really experience all Kyoto has to offer. That’s where our guide comes in useful.

Kinkakuji – Kyoto Golden Temple. Almost every traveller to Japan visits this temple at some point.  This majestic golden pavilion reflected in the still waters of the Kyoto Pond is one of Kyoto’s most famous sights.

Fushimi Inari Shrine – This famous shrine is huge complex and sometimes quite crowded. The shrine is dedicated to the guardian deity Inari, which is often portrayed in the form of a fox. There are countless stone foxes which people pray to for success in business and protection from disaster.

Kyoto Imperial Palace – A popular destination for many travellers. Kyoto was the capital of Japan and the Imperial Palace is where the emperor held court. Fascinating for its history and architecture it’s a great attraction to visit. An application form to obtain permission to visit this palace is required. If you are on a JTB tour we do this for you, so there are no delays getting you inside the grounds.

Kyoto Shrines – Kyoto has a lot of shrines. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot of them. There are some famous ones well worth visiting and a JTB tour can be the best way to have the great experience.

Kyoto Temples – Kyoto also has a lot of temples. There are many that get more attention than most. A JTB guided tour is well worth considering to experience the best of them.

Kyoto Festivals – Japan is a land that loves a good festival and Kyoto is no exception. Of course, it depends on the time of year as the festivals and seasonal. If you happen to be in Kyoto at the right time then you should definitely check them out.

Kyoto Sightseeing – If you don’t have a lot of time in Kyoto then you may want to just hit the highlights, book a JTB guided tour and do not miss out on any of the major attractions.

Kyoto Museums – There are a few museums in Kyoto that are worth visiting, including the Eigamura Movie Museum that records the studios productions in the city (especially traditional costume dramas and samurai stories).