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Experience Korea

Welcome to Korea, the new hub of North East Asia. With modern cities offering world class shopping, entertainment, communications and transportation at the forefront and a backdrop of spectacular scenery, rich history and ancient culture, the country offers something for every traveller. A visit to Seoul is a must on every itinerary, the nation’s capital offers endless opportunities for sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and culture experiences. Venturing to other parts of the country will have travellers fascinated with picturesque mountains and valleys that dominate the landscape and encounters with the locals and their customs, traditions and the local cuisine will result in unique and unforgettable experience.

National Holidays in South Korea 2016 – 2017

Date Week Day Name
05 APR 2016 Tuesday Arbor Day
01 MAY 2016 Sunday Labour Day
05 MAY 2016 Thursday Children’s Day
08 MAY 2016 Sunday Parents’ Day
14 MAY 2016 Saturday Buddaha’s BirthDay
06 JUN 2016 Monday Memorial Day
17 JUL 2016 Sunday Constitution Day
15 AUG 2016 Monday Liberation Day
14-15 SEP 2016 Wednesday & Thursday Mid-Autumn Day
01 OCT 2016 Saturday Armed Forces Day
03 OCT 2016 Monday National Foundation Day
09 OCT 2016 Sunday Hangeul Proclamation Day
24 DEC 2016 Saturday Christmas Eve
25 DEC 2016 Sunday Christmas Day
31 DEC 2016 Saturday New Year’s Eve
01 JAN 2017 Sunday New Year’s Day
27-30 JAN 2017 Friday to Monday Seollal Holiday Day
01 MAR 2017 Wednesday Independence Movement Day



In general, New Zealand Passport holders will be issued a 90 day tourist visa upon arrival in Korea.
In most cases obtaining a visa prior to departure is not required. If you are travelling on a non
New Zealand Passport please visit http://nzl-wellington.mofat.go.kr


As at April 2012, no inoculations are required for entering South Korea from anywhere around the world. As situations may change, please check either JTB or your local travel agent before travelling.