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We want to thank Mio for arranging such a wonderful honeymoon for us.

We want to thank Mio for arranging such a wonderful honeymoon for us. Mio was very thorough and patient in the planning stages, listening to what we wanted and finding just the right options for us. In addition, all of Mio’s planning and advice and thoughtful touches before we left meant that virtually everything was taken care of and we knew what to expect.

We also very much appreciated the support that Mio gave us while we were in Japan when we had questions. Overall, it meant that we were confident and comfortable travelling around Japan even though we had never been there before. We could not be happier with the service we received from Mio and will certainly be in touch again the next time we want to plan a holiday to Japan.

Kindest regards,

S. & G.

Thank you for all your organisation of my wife and my trip to Japan.


Thank you for all your organisation of my wife and my trip to Japan.
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the culture and food of Japan.
From bus service in Tokyo to Hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima as well as Rail Pass the trip was excellent.
Thank you for your help.


Thank you for your amazing kind considerate and professional help

Hi Mio

Well we are back and having a dose of reality!!

The holiday was amazing, thank you so much for your help and fantastic travel arrangements. The holiday had so many highlights, I think we probably tried to fit too much into not enough time. We would like to go back but take more time in just a couple of areas. We love Kyoto and Kanazawa and if we had been there a day later we could have seen the Takayama festival although it sounded like it was going to be hideously busy interesting place and adored the Japanese accommodation and hospitality.

Everywhere was a little different, but there is soooooo much to see and do. When we go back I would like to do a basic Japanese language course, the train travel app a must and the train passes fantastic things.

Thank you again for you wonderful help and the warning about the Typhoon which we got a taste to in Kanazawa on the 23rd floor of the hotel it did some rocking and rolling for an hour or so.

I will be in touch when we go again

Thank you for your amazing kind considerate and professional help making the trip such a pleasure



Helping me with my trip to Tokyo..

Hi Nao,

I want to thank you for all of your help in making my Japanese trip very enjoyable.

I am back in New Zealand now and plan on putting Tokyo on my places to visit annually, I think for 6-7 nights each time I go.

Going for the first time was really to give me a good feel for the place and I have that now!

The accommodation at Hotel Gracery was excellent, the staff were very accommodating and it was a good idea to include breakfast each day.

Staying at the Roykan in Yugawara was a great idea and gave me a much better appreciation for traditional Japan.

The train system over there is superb once you get the feel for it.

I took a shinkansen down to Kiyoto which was a real highlight.

Best regards,


Your actions were superb.

Dear Yoshi,

Thank you very much for your assistance when we were stranded in Niseko at the end of our trip.

Your rebooking of our flights took an enormous load off our minds, and I was so impressed when you managed to get through to us on the phone.
We did manage to get through to the airport eventually but it took all day.

We really appreciate the effort you put in to sort out our problem. Your actions were superb and were greatly appreciated by us both

With grateful thanks


Niseko ski

Hello Yoshi,

We wanted to say thank you for the extra things you helped us with, like rebooking our flights when we were snowed in on our holiday.

We had a lovely time skiing in Niseko. Pension Locomotion was very good.

We really appreciate all the help you gave us with an extension time for paying our final payments also. All the details we received from you were extremely helpful.


G. & H.

G. & H.

Nozawa Grand Hotel a fantastic place to stay

Hi Lia,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for organising our holiday.
Nozawa Onsen was beautiful, the snow was awesome and the Nozawa Grand Hotel a fantastic place to stay.
All of the Hotels and transport were perfect.
Nozawa Grand Hotel was especially good. The rooms were beautiful with tatami mats and our own private Onsen! The breakfasts were fantastic and the people there were so friendly and helpful. We had a good look around town and I think the Grand hotel was the best place to stay.

Thanks again we had a great time.

Denis & Kate

Denis & Kate

10 things to do in Japan

1. Have Fun with Noodles – Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Located in Osaka and Yokohama, the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is dedicated to instant and cup noodles, as well as its creator and founder, Momofuku Ando. The main part of the museum is free to view, with some pay-to-play sections. Once inside the museum, you might be surprised at the different types of ramen on the wall (which is still being added on)!
The most exciting part of the museum is that you get to make your own cup noodles, from the design, to the soup base and flavour. Stir the creativity within you by visiting the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum!

2. Catch Your Own Fish – Zauo

Never fished before? Don’t enjoy fishing? Well, you might enjoy this! At Zauo, you can enjoy the experience of fishing for your own meal. In the middle of the restaurant, lies a pool full of live, swimming fish waiting to be caught. Bear this in mind: once the fish is caught you can’t release it. Once you have caught your fish, you can call over a waiter and tell them how you would like your fish to be cooked. What’s better than enjoying fresh seafood?

3. Enjoy the Show – Kabuki

Kabuki, can be translated as “the art of singing and dancing” and is a traditional Japanese theatre that incorporates dance into performances. Spend the day watching male actors play both female and male roles. Enjoy the elaborate costumes, makeup, wigs and most importantly the exaggerated performance. You might not fully understand the content, but you will enjoy all the same! As famous kabuki actors now days also appear in dramas and movies, you might get the chance to see them live!

4. Have a Ninja Experience – Koka Ninja Village

At Koka Ninja Village, there is a theme park where you can experience actual ninja training. Here, a staff member who gives a demonstration to illustrate the various trapdoors and hidden compartments in one of the houses at Koka Ninja Village. You can also enjoy ninja training by wearing a ninja costume, while an instructor (who is also in ninja attire) instructs you on the ten ninja arts, which include: ninja rock-climbing, water walking, and throwing shuriken (ninja stars), a type of ninja projectile weapon. Why not try see if you are able to complete this training? You might be able to receive something in return for your hard work!

5. Walk Alongside the Canal – Otaru Canal

This 20 – 40 metres wide canal spans over a kilometre and is lined with 63 Victorian-style street lamps was a central part of the city’s busy port in the first half of the 20th century. This canal was restored in the 1980s and the warehouses were transformed into museums, shops and restaurants. This canal is a nice place to talk a walk through during the day, when there are artists around to present their works to passing tourists and during the evenings, the old fashioned gas lamps are lit, providing a romantic atmosphere.

6. See Fishes Through a Large Tank – Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located within the Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa. It is the second largest aquarium in the world. With a main tank of 35m x 27m x 10m containing 7,500 cubic metres of water, even whale sharks are made to look so small in this large tank! The aquarium’s concept revolves around ideas of encountering the sea of Okinawa and has 77 tanks on exhibition.

7. View People From Underwater – 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

One of the most popular art museums in Japan, it was built by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. The architecture of the 21st Century Museum is very unique and allows it to stand out from other museums and buildings around Kanazawa. The museum is comprised of a circular building, 112.5 metres in diameter, with no façade or main entrance. It was designed this way so that people visiting the museum can approach it from more than one direction.

8. A World Crazed with Foxes – Zao Fox Village, Mount Zao

The Zao Fox Village provides a home to over 100 crafty, bushy-tailed foxes that are allowed to roam free and cute among visitors. Known for being a mythic stature in Japanese culture, pay homage and religious offerings to these animals. There are other animals such as, rabbits and baby goats available for visitors to pet and feed in the first section of this sanctuary. The fox is seen as a clever animal and an agent of the god Inari, therefore there are also a number of traditional tori gates leading to the village.

9. Wonderland in Real Life – Shibuya, Tokyo

Located on the fifth floor of the Taiyo office building, this restaurant allows you to experience Wonderland in real life. Upon entering the restaurant, you will enter a small room with a giant Alice in Wonderland book. Entering the main dining, you are greeted with various scenes from the story: the hedges from the queen’s garden and a ceiling filled with enormous cards. To top this all off, even the food is Alice in Wonderland themed! Haven’t you ever wished that Alice in Wonderland was real? Experience it today!

10. Read Manga in Comfort – Manga Café

Internet cafés, are better known in Japan as manga cafés, due to the large libraries of manga you can find inside. Most cafés charge about 400 yen per hour. If you enjoy reading manga, this is the place for you! Most manga cafés provide private comfortable seats and free beverages. Other things you could do in a manga café is: play video games, watch dvds, read magazines, eat light food, shower and enjoy a massage on one of the available massage chairs.


Thank you Kyoko

Hi there,

I would like to give some positive feedback with regards to the customer service I received from Kyoko today, at around 4.40pm on the 0800 line.

Kyoko was able to answer my difficult queries regarding the JR pass and Golden Week in a clear, polite and professional way. She offered some handy suggestions which I will be keeping in mind for my trip in May (which would have been unbeknownst to me had I not spoke with Kyoko).

Thank you Kyoko and JTB.


Leo Kwon

Leo Kwon


Hi Amy

Just to let you know I had a fabulous time in Japan. The buzz, the food, shops, bullet trains – absolutely loved it.

I challenged myself and took the Narita Express to Shinjuku. It was quite easy. Only thing I didn’t know was which exist to take at Shinjuku.
But people were really helpful and many spoke English. Sunroute Plaza, great location neat & clean. Room’s small but that was expected.

Didn’t make it all the way up to Mount Fuji as there was heavy snow that day. Lake Kawaguchiko and the surrounding area was beautiful.

Need to go back to see the rest.

Thank you for your help



Japan Family Trip

Hi Lia, I just wanted to say a great big thank you for the great job you did for us on our recent trip to Japan. We absolutely loved Japan and are already planning our next trip! The itinerary you proposed for our stay was just perfect and the accommodation you booked for us was great in every city, close to the railway stations and close to all the attractions. Thank you for all your help with our holiday we had an absolutely fantastic time. We’ll definitely be in touch next time we head off to Japan. Kind regards Annie


We had a very good stay in tokyo and enjoyed everything. Doraemon museum was also one of the best places that we visited. Thank you jtb for helping us with the booking since the tickets must be booked earlier. Having contacted jtb was the best decision as they helped us to plan our trip easily. Anyhow, I love japan! Thanks again jtb!

Mohamad Nasrul Hadi Mohamad Alham

Japan Holiday

Hi Lia,
I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you did for my husband and I on our 2-week holiday in Japan. All your instructions and advice definitely made things easy for us. However, I won’t deny that Shinjuku Station was a bit of a shock but we had it sorted by the time we left to come home. Thank you for suggesting the Takayama Festival. It was indeed a highlight. In addition, on 17 October, when were were in Nikko, we were lucky enough to see a procession, re-enacting the return of the remains of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Our overall itinerary was action packed, but we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Our arrival in Tokyo was slightly delayed, as we arrived at the tail end of one typhoon. There was another a week later, when we were in Kyoto, but we experienced only sporadic rain. On the whole, the accommodation was excellent and it was good to be close to stations and staying in hotels from which we could be picked up for tours. In Takayama, the hotel was away from the town centre but had a good shuttle bus service. It was more expensive than we would have liked but that was a consequence of the festival and lots of visitors. In Tsumago, the hotel was again away from the centre of the town. This time, the shuttle bus service was very poor and the “resort hotel” seemed to cater mainly for elderly Japanese tourists on coach tours. We were definitely the youngest guests. I realise that Tsumago is small and that we had specified western-style accommodation; however, if there is another option, it would definitely be preferable for future JTB clients. Just one other comment. We did not think to specify non-smoking rooms in the hotels and you did not ask us what we would prefer. On our last three nights in Tokyo, we had to stay in a smoking room, which is not our preference. It wasn’t an issue, but perhaps it is something that you should ask clients. Thank you once again for all your hard work in making our holiday such a success. Claire and Noel Woodhall

Claire Woodhall

Korea/Japan tour

My husband and I recently participated in a 5 day JTB tour of Korea to Busan and a 9 day Sunrise tour of Japan – 10/6/2014 to 28/06/2014.
We were most impressed with the attention to detail and efficiency of your offices involved regarding pickups, guide meetings, travel tickets etc. All of the guides were very good and we would like to mention 2 in particular – Allison from the Seoul section and Asa from the 4 day Sunrise Takayama Holiday, based in Nagoya. These two ladies were exceptionally patient, informative and with lovely kind personalities – it was a pleasure to travel with them. We also enjoyed the Nanta performance in Seoul – what a terrific lot of fun – thank you for including it in the itinerary.
Many thanks for a well run holiday.

William and Carol Cull

Japan Holiday

This was my first holiday to Japan and I was looking forward to visiting temples and shrines.

My husband had visited over 25 years ago and was keen to see the same as myself but also to visit the camera and electronic shops. He had great time in Tokyo !

We spend hours in Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera.

We stayed at two hotels, the Keio Plaza Tokyo and Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto. Both were of a very high standard and the staff were always very helpful.

We enjoyed the breakfasts at both hotels and were grateful to be able to use the courtesy shuttle at the Royal Rihga Hotel to and from the train station.

A huge plus was the overnight luggage service to our hotel in Kyoto.

We took our luggage to reception the night before and it was at our hotel in Kyoto before us ! This was really helpful as we had to take the train in the morning from Shinjuku to Shinagawa in order to catch the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Kyoto.

Travelling with just our backpacks was a relief as the trains and stations are very busy. The Shinkansen ride was very enjoyable.

One thing that stood out is the train stops exactly where it is supposed to. By that I mean, everyone lines up on the platform according to what’s on your ticket : your platform and car number.

So when the train stops and the doors open, you step into your correct car, and just need to find your seat. Couldn’t be easier. The passage is wide and there is plenty of room between you and the seat in front. Reclining seats are very comfortable with a tray table, and when the tray table is up, the diagram on it shows you where your closest toilet is.

An attendant with a food cart walks through now and then in case you didn’t stock up on all the fabulous looking food at the Shinagawa train station.

My husband told me I will find all that and more in Kyoto. Well Kyoto was fantastic food-wise, but Shinagawa takes the cake.

A word to the wise, be prepared to disembark very quickly. Have yourself organised before your stop. The trains run on time.

While in Tokyo we did the Tokyo morning tour and Sumo Wrestling. The wrestling was definitely one of the highlights of our whole trip, I highly recommend it.

The views from the Government Buildings opposite the Keio Plaza were amazing and this is where we could see a view of Mt Fuji.

We had our first Tonkatsu at Inabawako in the Takashimaya building in Shinjuku, it was delicious !

While in Kyoto we did the Kyoto morning and Nara tour. Kinkakiji (Golden Pavilion) was stunning, as was the Imperial Palace, unfortunately due to the heavy traffic we spent only a short time at both. The Todai-ji

Temple is impressive as you walk closer to it it seems to get bigger and bigger. Inside is a statue of the Buddah which is quite immense. In the grounds outside are deer roaming about that you can feed, they are quite friendly.

The second highlight of our holiday was the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Initially there were many other visitors, but as they returned to their buses and we climbed higher there were less people and it was much more enjoyable.

We decided to walk to the top and back down – we didn’t know how far that was! It took us 3 hours and we walked 4km. There were thousands of bright orange Torri gates shining under the sun. It was a magnificent walk.

We bought our own torri, had it inscribed then left it on the top of the mountain. If we couldn’t have done anything else in Kyoto we would have been content with visiting here. It was a great experience.

We took a local train to Arashiyama to walk through the Bamboo Grove, and then across the road to Okochi Sanso Garden. It was well worth the 1000Y to enter, the garden was quite beautiful and if you keep your ticket you can enjoy green tea at the tea house.

The Sanjusangendo Temple was quite impressive with it’s 1001 statues of the goddess of mercy, even though we were not allowed to take photos inside it was worth the visit.

The third highlight was our last day in Kyoto when we visited the Kokedera Temple ( Moss Temple), We had to book in advance to gain entry.

We took the hour long bus ride then were shown into the temple where the monks chanted for a short time and then we copied calligraphy.

This took us 90 minutes and it was a struggle to stand up after kneeling at the low tables for so long! There were tables and chairs outside but I wanted to be inside the temple to enjoy the experience.

It was worth it. Once we finished the calligraphy we were allowed to stroll through the garden. It was so beautiful and serene. As we had taken so long to do the writing, most people had already left the garden so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

It would be worth revisiting in the rainy season when it would look quite magical. Definitely worth a visit if you have the time and book in advance.

The weather was 25C most days Tokyo and Kyoto. Some of the sites were very busy with local children on school trips, they were very well behaved and very polite.

Our overall impressions of Japan were the friendly people who were so happy to help us with directions, delicious food and beautiful gardens, shrines and temples.

Our tour guides were great giving us some history about what we were visiting.

We will definitely return to Japan. A special thank you to Yukari and her team at JTB New Zealand for booking our trip.


The trip was absolutely amazing

Me and my friends are now back in New Zealand and I am just emailing to thank you for all your help in planning our trip .

Everything went as planned and all our tickets worked 100% , the amusement parks & the tours were amazing .

The hotels were all really good aswell , Shiba Park Hotel (Tokyo) definitely was the best Hotel of the lot though very helpful and spoke very good English .

The rail pass was very good and worked perfectly The trip was absolutely amazing ..

I want to go back 

Thank you once again for all your help with the trip was much appreciated .


Japan Holiday

Dear Yoshi,

Just to let you know we had a fantastic trip to Japan. All went to plan and we had a great time. All the accommodation was perfect and it was easy to drive the hire car with the GPS system.

Thank you for making the bookings and especially sorting the ideal accommodation choices.

Kind regards,

F Scales

F Scales

Japan trip

Hi Yoshi,

Now that we are safely back home we wish to thank you for organising a very successful holiday to your lovely country.

All your arrangements went like clockwork and we had no problems at all.  With such a wonderful and punctual train system travel is so easy.  We were advised in Wajima to hire a rental car so we could explore the Noto Peninsula, and we found driving in this area very uncomplicated.

We loved the cherry blossoms, especially in the gardens of Kanazawa and in the forests. The Takayama Spring festival was a wonderful relaxed experience.  The Ryokan Tanabe, in Takyama, was so hospitable and perfectly situated, right in all the action.

All the hotels you chose were beautifully situated.  You obviously gave a great deal of thought to proximity to suitable rail stations. It was an unexpected surprise to look from our Tokyo hotel across to Tokyo Tower. The two onsens we stayed in were delightful and brought a new dimension to our travel experiences.

Many thanks

Dick and Gail Wilson


Richard Wilson

Japan Trip

Hi Amy,
We had had a great trip of Japan.All the arrangements you had made for us worked out perfectly. The weather was very pleasant and we managed to see some cherry blossom. You certainly gave a lot of thought in working out our itinerary.Once again thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service.

Ramesh Kumar

Niseko Ski

Hi , Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip. Fortunately we did not have to pay excess / oversize baggage charges with JAL for our snowboard bags. Landmark View Apartments in Niseko were very spacious and modern. The JTB staff we met at Chitose before our bus transfer to Niseko were very friendly. Thanks again for your assistance. Regards Simon

Simon Rees

Response to Japan trip

Good morning Amy, We had an amazing holiday in Japan! Thank you so much for organising everything, it was such a neat experience. Your choices in hotels, transfers and timing was great. I will be recommending you and your company to people I know that want to travel to Japan. Again, thank you so much! Kindest regards, Abbey


Hi, The accommodation was perfect for us as was skiing in Harafu – fantastic place that we are considering returning to. Flights got delayed and re booked on the return – had to stay another night in Tokyo then re route through Seoul – all went very well though. Thanks Kind regards, Gareth


Thank you

Thank you very much for the fantastic holiday you put together for us. It was our first time to Japan so, while I’ve done some research on places I wanted to see, we still relied very much on your local knowledge and judgement on what people like us would enjoy. And you got it spot on! We would have never thought of going to the two places that were among the many highlights and became our absolute favourites: Shirakawa-go and Miyjajima Island. Everything was just wonderful, we would not have changed any part of the itinerary, maybe the length of time. Instead of two weeks, maybe two months? Perhaps next time!
Thanks again,
kind regards,

Eve and Ian

Eve and Ian

Hello Amy

Hello Amy Just to let you know that our clients are back home and had an amazing experience. They loved everything about Japan – the hotels were wonderful the trains they couldn’t stop Talking about the wonderful rail network and how on-time they are and your JTB escorts That met them and took they around were a credit to JTB. They stayed with wonderful Japanese hosts and really experienced the culture of Japan. Thank you so so much for organising all this everything went well with no problems. I really appreciate all your help and your patience and please thank the rest of your team. Thank you again Amy. Regards, Jo


Thank you !


Thank you very much for your excellent help.
I could have a wonderful time with my wife in Kyoto last two weeks.

Yes ! I will recommend my friends to call JTB for their Japan trip next year

M Wilson

M Wilson

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