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Oita is located in the northeast of Kyushu island. Surrounded by the mountains and the sea, nature-rich Oita is best known for hot springs. It ranks the highest in the country for both the existing number of hot springs (4,381) and the annual amount of spring water output. Along with onsen spas, Oita offers timeless history, nostalgic Japanese cultural experiences, and a wide variety of savory cuisines made with products from this resource-rich, abundant nature. Oita is sure to rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind as it should leave an ever lasting impression on your heart.

Oita main 61. Beppu bay from Mt Tsurumi-pano – JTB New Zealand


Beppu is one of Japan’s leading hot spring resorts and is home to “”Beppu Hatto”” – a collective of 8 renowned onsen locations with unique components for each in the city. Beppu Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour) – This tour takes you through 7 unique, and rather odd, natural hot spring locations including stunning cobalt blue “”Umi Jigoku”” (Sea Hell) and boiling reddish “”Chinoike Jigoku”” (Blood Pnd Hell).

Usuki Stone Buddhas

Usuki Stone Buddhas

Carved on the side of rocky cliff is this cluster of over 60 figures of Buddha. Said to have been formed about 1,00 years ago between Heian and Kamakura era, this National Treasure site continues to be the symbolic spiritual protector for the locals.

Castle Town Kitsuki

Try wearing a Kimono- Town of Kitsuki with nostalgic slopes and old-time townscape is an old castle town filled with a tranquil castle town ambience. Available here are unique programs for experiencing tea ceremonies, traditional Japanese calligraphy writing, and walking tours in kimono.

Kitsuki Suya no saka Kitsuki

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