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Japan has become one of New Zealander's favourite ski destinations. Enjoy a fantastic ski vacation with an abundance of ski and snowboarding resorts to choose from. Let us arrange your next ski holiday so you can sit back and enjoy your trip and save time and money.


A ski package includes accommodation, lift passes, airport transfers and more. By bundling it together you save time, money and hassle.

Japan Ski


The most popular resort in Japan for New Zealanders for both skiing & nightlife.


A top resort for people who love powder snow and lots of skiing.


A gem of a resort that’s less crowded than others in Hokkaido.


Amazing runs, first-class infrastructure and no crowds and very family friendly.


The highest peak in Hokkaido and offers backcountry skiing.


Another popular destination for skiers with lots of fresh powder snow.


Conveniently located and hosted events for the 1998 Winter Olympics.


60 min by train from Tokyo, enjoy a quick ski gateway.

Why Choose Japan for Skiing?

First and foremost you need snow – lots and lots of snow. Niseko is the worlds second snowiest ski resort with averages around 15 metres a year (Thredbo averages just over 2 metres).
Next you need good accommodation – Japan has a strong tourism industry as well as a strong cultural tradition of hospitality towards visitors. Japans strong service culture also means the customer is treated like a king/queen.
Skiing or snowboarding all day is one of the best ways to work up an appetite. So you'll need some delicious, filling food to satisfy a hungry stomach. Japan is one of the best places in the world for food. The list of delicious treats, taste morsels and lavish dishes could go on for days. Food is always a highlight of any trip to Japan.
Most ski resorts have two kinds of night life available bars for the skier to enjoy a couple of beers whilst meeting other skiers at the end of the day and restaurants to enjoy a finer dining experience. So whether you're looking to burn the candles at both ends or more interested in a more relaxing holiday you'll be able to enjoy your holiday in whichever way you choose.
Last of all you'll need to make your holiday run seamlessly. These are all the small, but important things that add up. For example, easy wifi access in your hotel room, having a shuttle bus at the airport thats easy to find, equipment hire that doesn't require you to haul things around to and from the store.
Japan is a society highly conscious of service with strong business competition to provide the best customer experience possible.
Check out our Ski Resorts page to find the one that you like best, the Ski Flights page for information on how to get to there and our Ski Accommodation page to see what your options are.

Korea Ski


Enjoy your ski holiday in Korea – the host of Winter Olympic Games 2018