Activites & Attractions

If you’re looking for a type of attraction or activity in Japan then this is the place where you can find the thing you’re looking for. In each section below you’ll find a list of places in Japan where you can find the type of attraction that interests you. For example, our castles section lists all the different castles in Japan and where you can find them.

Shrines – Find out where the best and most popular shrines in the country are.

Temples – A list of the most popular temples in Japan as well as some background on how Japanese temples work.

Festivals – Japan has some amazing festivals for you to enjoy. We’ve put together a guide about them.

Theme Parks – Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka’s Universal Studios are known around the world but there are several other Japan theme parks that are just as interesting.

Castles – Here’s our guide to the castles of Japan including Himeji, Nagoya and Kumamoto.

Japan Gardens – The Japanese have rich history in working with nature to create some truly amazing gardens. More than just plants there’s an entire philosophy and culture that goes into it.

Onsen – Japan is a mountainous country with active volcanic activity. This leads to some amazing natural hot springs filled with minerals. These places have evolved their own culture and are designed down to the smallest detail to deliver as much peace and relaxation to their guests as possible.

Ryokans – These are traditional Japanese inns complete with sliding doors, tatami floors and futons. Most travellers spend at least one night of their trip in a ryokan as it’s considered an essential Japanese experience.

Museums – With its ancient past, intricate culture and strong artistic traditions there’s little wonder that Japan is home to some fascinating museums. There are also full scale recreations of Japanese folk villages and even a ninja museum in Iga (especially good for families with young boys).

National Parks – Japan has gone to great lengths to preserve its national parks and it has a few that it is rightly very proud of.